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Flavio Dolce Art Projects Program

Flavio Dolce Art Projects is a dynamic hub for contemporary textile and mixed media art, dedicated to promoting local, national, and international artists. Our exhibitions, art fairs, and collaborations serve as platforms for creativity and dialogue.

Our Exhibition Program offers curated Group Exhibitions, Solo Exhibitions, Thematic Exhibitions, and an Emerging Artist Showcase, showcasing a diverse range of artistic voices and perspectives. We participate in local, regional, national, and international art fairs, amplifying our artists' reach and engaging with global audiences.

Beyond exhibitions, we support artists through future plans for a Residency Program, Artist Talks, Workshops, and an Online Presence, extending accessibility and fostering connections. Community engagement is paramount, with collaborations and educational initiatives aimed at promoting art appreciation.

Looking ahead, we aspire to establish an International Exchange Program, an Expanded Online Gallery, and produce publications to further promote our artists' work. At Flavio Dolce Art Projects, we're not just a gallery; we're champions of creativity, advocates for cultural exchange, and supporters of emerging talent. Join us as we celebrate the vibrant world of textile and mixed media artistry.

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8129 Oak St, New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: Phone: +1 (504) 296 0589
Email: info@flaviodolce.com
tue to sat | 12-6pm or by appointment

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