Kristina Penhoet



Originally from Oregon, Kristina began working with fiber and textiles as a small child, learning to crochet and sew during her summer visits to her grandparents' farm on an island in the Pacific Northwest. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Biology, she attended Otis College of Art and Design, where she concentrated on sculpture and environmental design. She later earned a master's degree in architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Before rediscovering fiber as a medium, she worked in film production, stage design, and architecture. Her work has been exhibited at the Phillips Collection and in galleries throughout the United States and South America.

Artist Statement

Kristina is fascinated by the experiences and emotions that constitute the depth and breadth of human existence. She finds true beauty in the imperfections caused by chance, nature, and human interaction. In her work, she explores events such as abandonment, betrayal, disconnection, judgment, misrepresentation, and loss, representing the accompanying feelings of fear, sadness, revulsion, anger, forgiveness, and understanding. Throughout Kristina's work, there is often a reference to the human form, typically women's bodies, and the internal and external influences that shape them. The biomorphic qualities of her art establish a connection between the viewer and the work, evoking emotional responses. Additionally, the repetition of forms in many of her pieces serves as a reminder of the universality of human experiences. She aims to challenge viewers to seek understanding and beauty in the moments that define our humanity and foster profound empathy for one another.

Conversation in Solitude, 2021
14w x 14h x 3d in
Felted wool fiber and waxed thread


Something to Cry About, 2021
16w x 96h x 8d in
Felted wool fiber and waxed thread


Within Limits, 2019
28w x 36h x 9d in
Felted wool fiber and waxed thread



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